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Frequently Asked Questions


Why are we Beta Testing an IM tool?

We are building this for not only the Online Advertising World, but for content publishers like us that want to make more money on their own sites than running Google Ads.

This is a professional Ad Serving Platform used by some of the top advertising companies in the world. It will make managing advertising and video ad campaigns effortless, work 24/7 on autopilot, and take content publishing to an entirely new level.

With all NEW software programs, you need to test it. In fact, we go beyond just our own team. We want people that actually are power users to test it, beat it up, and try to break it.

During the Beta testing phase, you can expect a bug or two, and we want you to report them to us immediately, preferably with screen shots and a short description of how the error occurred. 

The Beta testing will start in the coming weeks and we plan on it lasting less than 30 days, leading up to the public launch.


Why are you charging for Beta Testers?

This is because we only want serious power users to test it and share their thoughts and ideas on how to make it better.

And in return, the beta testers are getting an incredible deal that the public won't ever get. Plus, all updates and version changes in the future.

And as a Beta Tester, you are going to get access to a private forum where you can…

  • Share your feedback and ideas for future features and integrations you want.
  • See firsthand how we are progressing through the beta phases and how the software develops into a online marketing powerhouse
  • Watch and participate in our Private webinar launches in the future and learn how our affiliate partners make thousands of dollars just by sending private invites. Plus, you’ll get to meet some of these Power Players in prelaunch meetings.
  • Actively participate as your own Affiliate partner and send your tribe to our product during the public launch week.

Plus, we'll be rewarding the Beta Members that actively contribute with valuable feedback, new ideas, and personal testimonials with advertising credit that can be used to run your own ads.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

No refunds  on Beta Team Purchases.

Because this is beta and you will be coming into a software and advertising program that is still developing, we can not offer a money-back refund. If this is a deal breaker, we suggest waiting for the public launch in the future where we will have different plans that may be a better fit for your budget and marketing goals.


What is the timeline game plan for getting started?

Once you select and purchase from either option above... The fun starts.

Immediatley you'll receive in your email:

Account creation access email to the

Your account access to - with access to 2 products:
- The ADN Beta Community Board
- The ADN Training

Within 7 to 10 days:

We will send you an onboarding package via email to the ADN Publisher/Advertiser!
You will need to complete the business details of your account once you log into the platform.

We should also have most of the training ready for you to watch

The following week on Thursday on August 4th at Noon CT

We will start our 1st mastermind Zoom call

We will have a total of 4 weeks of live Zoom calls and these recordings will be posted in the private community.


When does the PAID Ad Platform start?

The PAID Advertising platform will open within the next 30 to 45 days

Prior to this, Ads will not be charged and publishers will not make any income.
We are doing this so everyone gets a chance at placing ads without costing any money
We also are doing this to allow you enough time to get your ad zone codes installed in your publisher sites 

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