Demand-side platforms (DSPs) are marketing tools for marketers and advertisers. They allow you to bid on various advertising options, including text ads, video ads, and more. These tools are gaining popularity among marketers and advertisers, and are becoming more important than ever. Here are three things to look for in a DSP. You should choose a platform that has real-time analytics to make the most informed decisions. AppNexus and Epom DSP both have a 1.5-second delay.

While demand-side platforms have a wide range of benefits for advertisers, they are not without flaws. While DSPs are not the main issue, publishers selling fraudulent traffic are. Such practices include bot farms, ad spoofing, and injectors. A study by Pathmatics found that advertisers reduced their usage of demand-side platforms from seven to four a month. Agencies and marketers are increasingly cutting ties with non-transparent DSPs and push for better transparency in their relationships with preferred partners.

The Supply Side Platform is another important feature. Its job is to make the most appropriate ad placement for any given bidding situation. The platform will also help the site load the winning advertisement and report relevant data regarding the placement. Finally, the Supply Side Platform will help the site monetize the transaction. In short, the SSP is essential to the success of websites. It allows publishers to earn additional revenue while maximizing their advertising revenue.

In the past, digital ads were bought and sold manually by real people. However, this method was expensive and unreliable, and the inventory was not large enough to run campaigns. Therefore, demand-side platforms were developed to make the buying and selling of advertising more reliable and cheaper. This method is called programmatic bidding. It allows advertisers to bid on multiple advertising formats using effective key performance indicators (KPIs).

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