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When creating a display ad, keep in mind the principles of design. For example, the 80/20 rule of text to image ratio should be followed. Use at most 3-5 frames for your ad. Also, include a high-quality logo and placeable buttons. Read on for more tips and tricks to make your display ad look great! And remember, the first impression is crucial. Keep your message simple and clear.

80/20 text rule

You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 text rule and wondered if you should be using it too. The rule is actually quite flexible in theory, but it can be difficult to implement when creating your own ads. While Google and Facebook have conducted a ton of research into this topic, the rules of their Display Network have remained the same for a long time. By following the rule, you’ll be giving yourself more white space in your ads, allowing your audience to read them.

3-5 frame maximum

While display ads can be a great way to get your message across, it’s important to keep in mind that they must be legible. If you use cursive fonts, all uppercase copy, or thin lines, your ads may be difficult to read. For best results, stick with a sans-serif font and a different headline size. For extra appeal, add a picture to enhance your message.

High-quality logo

It’s critical to create a high-quality logo for display ads, but how do you ensure your design will be successful? Here are some tips:

Placeable buttons

The first thing to remember is that while placing a placeable button on your ad will increase the likelihood of a click-through, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the ad will be seen by the audience. Using persuasive language and emphasizing the benefits of the call to action will help drive more clicks to your ad. Another important tip when using a placeable button is to avoid placing it in the center of your ad.


If you’re looking to create a display ad, you must first target the right audience. The best practice is to use a pixel-based approach with the right KPIs. When it comes to determining how many people to target with a pixel-based approach, ads that are 300×250 pixels in size will generate the most impressions and have the highest CTR. Another important best practice is to create your display ad within one of the display ad sizes. Using ad creation tool like CleverAds will ensure that your ads are in the right size and format.

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