There are many different metrics you can track with display advertising. You can measure things such as site visits, click-through rate, CPM, and conversion rate. This article will go over how to measure each of these. Hopefully, this article will help you understand what the most important metrics are for your business. Read on for a deeper understanding of how to measure your advertising efforts. Here are some examples of the most commonly tracked metrics:

Site visits

A key metric to measure the effectiveness of display advertising is the number of site visits. While this metric is helpful, it does not tell you how many visitors actually visit your website. In some cases, visitors will find your site by doing an online search without clicking your ad. To determine the effectiveness of your display campaign, you should know how many visitors arrived at your website without clicking your ad.

Click-through rate

There are hundreds of display advertising performance metrics. One of the most common is the click-through rate. By combining other business metrics, this metric can help measure your advertising’s performance. It can be challenging to determine whether a particular ad is performing well. This article will explain how to measure your ad’s click-through rate. Whether you need more information or would like to learn more about a particular metric, contact us to learn more.


When it comes to measuring display advertising performance, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is often the most common metric. Although the term CPM means “cost per thousand” in some cases, this term should not be confused with CPC (cost per click). The latter refers to the amount of time an ad is visible on a website. Moreover, it’s often used to measure brand awareness campaigns.

Conversion rate

The most basic display advertising performance metric is conversion rate (CTR), which is the percentage of viewers who clicked on an ad. It is important to note that the number of people who click on an ad does not necessarily mean that the viewer will become a new customer. A viewer may click on an ad by mistake, curiosity, or a genuine interest in the product. However, this metric can help you gauge whether the ad is doing the job for you.

Engagement rate

Among the display advertising performance metrics, engagement rate is one of the most important. It measures how many times a piece of content is engaged by a consumer. Engagement can take many different forms, from clicking, expanding, or liking to listening to audio. This metric is extremely helpful in online advertising, as it shows the audience’s connection to the brand or its content. Nevertheless, this metric does have its limitations.

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