To determine how to get the best ROI on your display advertisements, you should use the display advertising stats. These data are generated by Boston-based SEMrush, a company that sells marketing analytics software subscriptions. The company conducted a survey of over 40 countries and found that display advertising was the most effective for advertisers in the shopping niche. In addition to showing the effectiveness of display advertising, it also revealed that millennial audiences are the most targeted by ecommerce advertisers.

When it comes to banner sizes, the biggest display ad views in Europe are the same as they were last year: the top 5 banner sizes are all on mobile devices. This trend is especially important given that 38% of all display ads are viewed on mobile devices, meaning that it is important to make them mobile-friendly. The remaining 32% should not be ignored, as these smaller ad sizes are equally effective. However, they should be avoided as they are not as effective.

According to a recent Valassis study, 70% of US adults will be shopping online in 2020. Despite the fact that desktop usage has decreased over the past several years, mobile devices are the predominant screens for viewing ads. Even more, they are predicted to surpass desktop screens in the next few years. Moreover, mobile devices continue to grow as the primary publishing location for display advertising. The number of people using mobile phones has increased by 14% compared to desktops. As a result, developers of mobile-friendly websites must focus on building for the mobile screen.

The biggest influence on online ad clickthrough rates is ad placement and ad blocking. Native advertising is a great way to make your ads more relevant to your target audience and increase their effectiveness. Depending on the ad format, ad formats and placement may affect the effectiveness of your ads. Traditional full-banners, medium-sized rectangles, and skyscrapers perform well, but they do not have as high an interaction rate as large-format banners and skyscrapers.

In addition to demographics, Google‘s display advertising stats can provide you with useful insights into the effectiveness of your campaign. For example, men are more likely to click on ads on publishers in the Google Display Network than women. Using the latest data, you can create a unique strategy that suits your business. There are many ways to get the best results from your online advertising campaign. Aside from using demographics, it’s also important to measure your competition.

Display advertising stats are an important tool for ecommerce businesses. These studies provide information on how users interact with ad content. A higher CTR means more clicks, which is a better ROI for display ads. Moreover, a low CTR means lower ad clickthrough rate on banner ads. The ad conversion rate is the most important indicator of the success of a campaign. If a user clicks on an advertisement, it means they are more likely to make a purchase.

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