Facebook Ads has made creating affinity audiences easier than ever before. Affinity audiences are a great way to increase your ROI through the power of Facebook ads. Here are the steps you should take to create them. Listed below are some of the benefits of affinity audiences. Let’s get started! First, choose an audience type. You can choose from Interest-based audiences, In-market audiences, and Custom affinity audiences. Then, choose the type of ads you want to send to them.

Interest-based audiences

Interest-based audiences are people who share a common trait or hobby. For example, a London tailor might build an affinity audience of people who enjoy shopping for tailored clothing. Affinity audiences can also be customized by searching for certain keywords and URLs. The advanced user can create custom in-market affinity audiences. These audiences are great for targeting potential customers when they’re ready to make a purchase. They can also be helpful for improving conversion rates.

By using interest-based audience targeting, you can better align your ads to the people who buy your products. For example, if your company sells coffee, you can create affinity audiences that are also interested in the environment. For example, if you’re selling eco-friendly coffee cups, your audience can include people who like both coffee and the environment. People who share these characteristics are more likely to buy your products. Similarly, if you’re selling an environmentally friendly car, you can build an affinity audience of people who love both.

In-market audiences

Google recently announced that they are expanding their search campaign targeting options, introducing seasonal events and in-market affinity audiences. Volkswagen, a car manufacturer, noted a 250% increase in conversion rate by using seasonal events and affinity audiences. Volkswagen uses a combination of state, national and dealer-level advertising in its in-market audiences. In-market affinity audiences can be targeted with Google’s ad network, as well as YouTube.

Display & Video 360 offers a number of in-market affinity audience lists. To find these lists, go to the Affinity & In-Market tab and search for “display & video 360 in-market audiences”. Click on “In-market affinity audiences” and select the desired list. Then, you can apply the desired audience segment to your campaign. Once you’ve applied the in-market affinity audience segment, your ads will be viewed by people who share your interests and behaviors.

Custom affinity audiences

To create custom affinity audiences, you need to log into your AdWords account and create a “Display Network Only” campaign. From there, click the red “+ TARGETING” button and then select “Custom affinity audiences.” In the drop-down menu, enter the keywords and URLs that represent the interests of your audience. Then, select the Custom affinity audience you want to create and click “Save”.

Affinity audiences are groups of users who have similar interests. In a nutshell, they are similar to TV audience segments. Custom affinity audiences allow marketers to target people based on specific interests or behaviors. By using billions of Google users as the base for these groups, marketers can reach highly specific audiences and maximize their return on investment. But how do you create your custom affinity audience? Let’s find out. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

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