The mobile screen is dominated by ads, but organic listings still matter. You can still increase your presence in the non-paid listings with SEO and place ads on the first page. The higher your position on the first page, the more likely you are to attract new customers. Read on for more tips. Here’s an overview of some of the most important factors to consider when creating a mobile ad campaign. RSAs and ETAs are important factors to consider for your business.

Cost per conversion

In order to maximize your ROI in mobile Google advertising, you must understand the cost per conversion. In order to make money with mobile Google ads, you must calculate the cost per conversion and compare it with your target cost. For example, if you spend PS5 to get a sale, you will earn PS45 in profit. ROI is a way to measure how profitable your ads are compared to the cost of goods sold.

RSAs vs ETAs

When creating your mobile Google ads, it is important to remember that RSAs are different than ETAs. In other words, RSAs have more conversions than ETAs. But, they also use the same assets. And you should make sure that your ad copy is excellent. As with text ads, your ad copy should be highly engaging, but you should not use the same ad copy in both types of ads. Nevertheless, you can still benefit from past ad copy and use them to improve your RSAs.

Gmail ad templates

You can use Gmail ad templates for mobile ads to create your own customized ad. There are no character limits for these ads, and you can use up to 100 images. They must be compressed into a ZIP folder no larger than 1.25 MB. Once you’ve created your ad, you can target your audience with the right keywords. And with the right targeting, you can increase your chances of getting noticed.

Shopping ads

A small-medium business can use Google’s Shopping ads to maximize the impact of their online advertising campaigns. Shopping ads appear above Search ads and organic search results and include relevant product information, including product review stars. Since Google started allowing free product listings, Shopping ads have become less visible. However, it’s still important for ecommerce businesses to use these advertising tools to maximize their digital shelf space. Read on to learn how to get started with Google Shopping ads.

Competitor research

The best way to learn about the competition is to conduct competitor research. By doing this, you will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of competitors and see where you stand among them. You can use this information to determine a strategy and determine how to best leverage the power of Google Ads to increase your sales. Here are three ways to conduct competitor research. Use the screenshots, descriptions, and user reviews of the competition to learn how they do it.

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