When using Google standard text ads, there are many elements to consider. The headline is important in grabbing attention, while the display URL gives the audience a hint as to where they may end up. The URL is important because it shows the audience which direction to go once they’ve clicked the ad. The description part is an opportunity for marketers to highlight important details about their product or service and push the audience to your business. In this way, you can improve your click-through rates.

Expanded Text Ads

The end of Expanded Text Ads in Google’s standard text ads has been announced for June 30, 2022. This is not the first time changes in digital marketing have been made to the platform. In the last two years, automated bidding strategies have become best practices for advertisers and have impacted the landscape. As a result, it makes sense to transition your campaigns now to responsive search ads.

Display URL

To be displayed in search results, your ads must contain at least one link, which is the display URL. Google also uses the last part of your URL as the root of your display URL. Display URLs in Google standard text ads are not required to be unique. However, if your ad contains a link to your website, it must be single-byte. Google recommends that you write compelling ad copy, and they will display at least one of your ad variants in search results.


As of October 26, Google will no longer accept standard text ads. These ads are limited to 30 characters and are designed to communicate basic business information. They also appear on several apps and on the Google network. A standard text ad may have three headlines and thirty characters. This content can be further enhanced with green text and a live link. Google recommends using more ads in the expanded format. To stay competitive in this new era, businesses should use more ads in the expanded format.


Although the higher the CTR, the more successful the ad campaign is, a high CTR is not necessarily a sign of success. CTRs for ad campaigns vary, and will depend on the ad copy and its position within the search results. Here are some tips to increase your CTR:


In a recent survey of marketers, Google revealed that 95% of respondents had either met or exceeded revenue targets for their standard text ads. The majority of marketers had also increased marketing-spend efficiency. Although the updated ad unit offers more flexibility, it will not necessarily result in higher revenue for advertisers. Google’s new format will drive lower-ranking ads further down the page, increasing costs and reducing revenue streams. While the company is currently investigating the impact of this update, advertisers should be prepared to make adjustments.

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