Are you confused about placements on Google? If so, you have come to the right place. Placements are the advertisements on Google that display on publisher websites and allow them to earn a portion of the revenue generated by the ads. Google has been expanding their display network and now you can refine your ad placements as per your requirements. But where can you find the best placements? Read on to find out! – How to refine your ad placements on Google?

– Monitor your campaigns’ performance – Ensure that you know the cost of each ad placement. By tracking the cost and conversion rate, you can determine which placements are driving more conversions. If you’re spending more than you can afford, you can exclude specific placements to save money. However, if you’re spending too much money, it’s a good idea to check on your ad placements performance in real-time.

– Identify the relevant audience – Ads show better when they appear on websites that are native to your target country. Likewise, if you’re trying to target a wider audience, only sites as these have a higher chance of relevance. It’s a good idea to exclude those that don’t apply to your target audience. After all, you’re trying to get their attention, right?

– Select the right types of placements – Google offers both managed and automatic placements. You can start by using Automatic Placements and see how well they perform. Try a couple hundred clicks to gauge how well your ads are performing before moving on to Managed Placements. Once you’ve achieved a conversion rate of at least 10%, you can try out Managed Placements. But be careful not to waste your money on placements that don’t deliver results.

– Segmentation – In addition to content and theme, placements allow you to segment your ad units based on their positioning and content. For example, Site.com_All_Top includes all ad units that are above the fold. If your site is focused on entertainment, you can try placing ads in the Entertainment Pages Only segment. That way, your ads will appear on pages where they are most relevant. So, how can you make your ads visible to people?

– Exclusions – You can also exclude certain types of placements from your ad campaign. You can choose to exclude specific YouTube channels or videos, entire app categories, and even specific ad placements. Besides removing placements that are irrelevant to your brand, you can also exclude certain placements on Google. It’s a simple way to exclude certain types of placements and ad formats. If you’re not sure what to exclude, simply create an exclusion filter to avoid your ads being shown on bad placements.

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