To set up attribution on your Amazon sales page, you need to create an account and add your products. Once you’ve completed this, you can also add campaigns to your account. You can also use an Amazon attribution tag to track customers throughout their product search journey. Similar to Facebook tracking pixels, Amazon attribution tags follow a customer from your product listing to the Amazon page where they complete their purchase. You can easily add this attribution tag to your product listing to keep track of your conversions.

Amazon’s attribution tool is the only one on the market that provides a full picture of the sales journey for each customer. It allows you to see how well your advertising campaigns are performing by tracking each customer’s click, add to basket, purchase, and value. This tool is useful for improving your marketing strategies and measuring the ROI of your ad campaigns. However, if you’re planning to use this tool, make sure you’re registered with the Brand Registry and have active Amazon users.

Amazon’s attribution platform also helps sellers identify marketing channels that are bringing customers to their product listings. If a PPC campaign generates 20% of product sales, Amazon Attribution will show you that 70 percent of the sales were generated by other marketing channels. With this knowledge, you can optimize your advertising campaign and increase sales on Amazon. It’s never been easier to track the paths of a customer to your product listings. If a customer clicked on a sponsored product ad link on an Amazon product page, the attribution tool will tell you which ad directed the purchase.

In addition to implementing attribution on your Amazon product page, you can also use a tracking link to see the exact source of each sale. You can even use an Amazon associates account to track external links and earn affiliate revenue. You’ll need a Tracking ID to see sales through an external link. Amazon associates offers more granularity and enables you to track multiple transactions with different Tracking IDs. For those who prefer to track their traffic through affiliate links, Amazon associates’ tracking link can generate multiple Tracking IDs.

Amazon’s Attribution tool is a beta product and only available in select countries. Sellers already selling on Amazon can access the tool by registering through their Amazon Seller Central account. Once registered, they can search for their product by ASIN or by name. A unique URL can also be added to the click-through URL. After this, Amazon’s Attribution tool will automatically generate a unique attribution tag. They can then paste the attribution code onto their click-through URL.

Amazon’s new-to-brand metrics can help you optimize your advertising campaign. This data will tell you how much it costs to acquire new customers and which channels are the most effective. Amazon attribution can also determine whether your ad campaign is driving new business. If so, you can make changes to your advertising to increase your conversion rates and improve the performance of your website. There are several other tools to help you with attribution, and Amazon has made it easier than ever before.

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