If you are looking for a way to target your audience online, you can use Microsoft Advertising. This service offers a variety of targeting options and includes a universal event tracking tag. This technology records customer behavior, including clicks and conversions, so advertisers can better understand what makes their customers click on ads and make better, more targeted ads. Microsoft Advertising also includes the Microsoft Search Network, a rebranded MSN that has customer-centric technology.


When you first use Microsoft advertising, you’ll be prompted to set a budget. This amount will be paid each day until the advertisement runs for a certain period of time. Microsoft will calculate how many impressions and clicks your advertisement will generate, and then charge you accordingly. You can also choose a monthly maximum, which determines the total amount you’ll pay each month. Microsoft Advertising is a highly customizable advertising solution, and the cost per click is determined by various factors.


One of the biggest differences between Microsoft Advertising and Google AdWords is the way the latter uses customer match data to target ads. With customer match, a brand can upload customer email addresses and re-engage with those customers across various platforms. There are some additional requirements, though, such as privacy concerns, and these lists aren’t available in all markets. In such cases, it is a good idea to review the privacy policies of the respective companies before using them.


One of the most crucial aspects of the advertising process is choosing an audience that meets your specific marketing objectives. In Microsoft Advertising, audiences are defined as groups of potential customers. Different types of audiences can be combined using AND, OR, and NOT conditions. These types of audiences may include customers’ email lists, product IDs from catalog feeds, and purchase intent signals. The two audiences, known as search network audiences and Microsoft Advertising audiences, have different sets of in-market audience definitions.

LinkedIn profile targeting

If you have created Google Ads campaigns before, you can import them into Microsoft Advertising. This will save you the trouble of setting up a new campaign from scratch. You can also import your Google Ads campaign and follow the same steps. Once you’ve imported your Google Ads campaign, you can then set up LinkedIn profile targeting. LinkedIn profile targeting is located after the Budget & bids step. LinkedIn users are already categorized into the Location and Device categories, so you can continue with this step by clicking on the Edit target button.

Keyword theme

One of the most popular themes in Microsoft Advertising is live collaboration. In the commercial, Microsoft showcases the new Teams tool, which allows up to 49 people to join a meeting simultaneously. The commercial uses a vibrant color palette, stop motion animation, and an upbeat song to illustrate the live nature of the collaboration. As a global company, Microsoft has been producing advertisements for almost two decades now, and each ad is designed to promote its core values, including the ability to change the world for the better.

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