Before you start creating your own banner ads, you must be aware of some basics. The first step is to create a brief design. This will include the Call to Action, Size and Image Formats. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most important factors that you should consider. Read on to learn more! Here are some tips to make your banner ads look stunning! Once you’ve designed your ad, make sure you choose the right size and call to action.

Requirements for creating banner ads

The first thing to remember when creating banner ads is to follow the rules of design. The copy of the ad should be compelling and the CTA button should be placed in the right place. The images you choose should be eye-catching and convey the message clearly. Don’t forget to include your company logo, value proposition, and call to action. You can use both headlines and images to attract viewers. Make sure to use contrasting colours in your CTA and landing page links.

Image formats

There are two main types of image file formats. These are known as raster and vector formats. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Rendering an image in a specific format will ensure that the result will be of high quality and be as small as possible. In addition, a lossless format offers the most flexibility for raster editing. If you’re creating a banner ad for online use, you’ll want to choose a format that’s compatible with the medium you’re working in.

Call to action

Creating effective banner ads requires understanding how users are influenced by call to actions. It’s important to make the call to action stand out and provide relevant information, while blending well with the rest of the ad messaging. The call to action should clearly outline the action that the user should take to complete the desired action. Include clear benefits for the user, such as a special offer, and a compelling value proposition. Make the call to action as specific as possible.


Despite the proliferation of online advertisements, banner ads still represent the majority of advertising inventory. Their size, placement, and media planning factors haven’t changed much since the late 1990s, but the recent ASA verdict may have implications for the size of banner ads. While the ASA’s decision didn’t affect the size of banner ads themselves, it is important to note that omitting any relevant information can be problematic in both legal and CAP Code terms.


One of the most important factors to consider when planning a successful campaign is the placement of banner ads. You need to place these advertisements where people can view them easily. It’s important to create ads that complement the sites they’re placed on. If a user is on the site for an entirely different purpose, they’ll probably skip the banner ad altogether. Make sure you provide them with a highly relevant experience by using attractive women and appealing backgrounds.

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