Companies that recognize that the consumer journey is increasingly based on digital experiences build multi-platform marketing campaigns that span a variety of channels and locations. For instance, when Humans aired its second season, Channel 4 deployed a creative marketing campaign that riffed on the show’s first season. Similarly, the campaign’s creative use of video content, audio files, and text messages was highly successful, garnering a Shorty Award.

Today, one-third of web visitors access content on mobile devices only. Multi-platform media planning and measurement can provide a complete picture of audience behavior across various platforms. By leveraging multi-platform measurement, advertisers, publishers, and agencies can refine their content, advertising, and marketing strategies to increase the ROI. As people become more accustomed to using a variety of devices, marketers need a more holistic understanding of the audience to implement successful strategies.

While it can be daunting to manage several digital platforms, it is actually very possible to automate the process and keep your focus on what really matters: improving customer loyalty and retention. Combined with an omnichannel marketing approach, multi-platform marketing allows shoppers to engage with their favorite brands on multiple platforms. In addition to traditional marketing channels, multi-platform marketing can also include SMS, social media, and email. By leveraging these channels, marketers can create a unified customer journey that includes a consistent brand experience across all platforms.

Unlike focusing on one channel, a multi-platform marketing campaign is relatively easy and cost-effective to implement. While it requires some time and research, it can save your business money and increase your chances of attracting a loyal customer base. By monitoring customer interaction metrics, you can identify where your marketing strategies need improvement and allocate resources accordingly. Once you have mastered the art of multi-platform marketing, it’ll be a snap.

In addition to tracking consumer engagement, multi-platform enterprise analytics can help media companies create highly customized ad packages. In the same way, they can improve sell-through rates and increase content provider inventory. Ultimately, these metrics help businesses optimize performance across multiple channels. They can reach some consumers exclusively through one channel or another, while reaching others exclusively. If this is the case, it’s time to consider a multi-platform marketing strategy.

Using multiple platforms can increase your reach and boost your social media followers. In fact, Facebook alone has over 2.45 billion monthly active users, while Twitter has 330 million. By leveraging the advantages of each platform, you can easily scale your multi-platform marketing campaign. If you have a Twitter account, you can use it to promote your brand and share valuable and relevant content. Make sure to choose websites and apps that cater to your brand and audience. You should also consider the social media habits of your potential customers.

While all of these platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, using several is more effective than using multiple channels. You can leverage the strengths of each platform, while avoiding the weaknesses and wasting valuable time and money. You should set a baseline for your cross-platform marketing campaign, and establish metrics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. In addition to identifying which platforms are most relevant, you should also consider the location triggers for relevant content. A few examples of cross-platform marketing campaigns are Tata Safari’s Brave The Storme and Volkwagon’s Anything4jetta.

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