A native advertising example might be a new reality show, or an article urging readers to subscribe to the platform. Gawker’s example of a native advertisement is obvious. Its top tier says “sponsored” and urges readers to check out the new show, “King of the Nerds.” Similarly, Coursera’s example encourages readers to sign up for its online learning platform. In both cases, the article is a native advertisement, and the message is clear.

Guinness Guide to Oysters

A native advertising example that has become an internet staple is the Guinness Guide to Oysters poster, which debuted in 1951. The ad was a simple, visual guide to the savory treat, and included an advertisement for the beer brand. The article itself is a great example of content marketing, as it blends seamlessly with the surrounding content. The ad, created by David Ogilvy, became a cultural landmark.

The first clever advertorial was the Guinness Guide to Oysters by David Ogilvy. The advertising campaign featured pictures of oysters and implied that Guinness was the perfect beverage to pair with the dish. It became so popular that Guinness produced a metal edition of the guide. Ogilvy credited the ad for making advertising “a part of English life.”

LG Signature

As the holidays near, LG Electronics has been busy bringing people joy with their newest campaign, Legendary Gift: The SIGNATURE. The campaign features a new holiday song by John Legend and a custom e-card. It also includes a variety of different gift ideas from LG, including their flagship fridge and wine cellar. This is a great example of how native advertising can help your brand reach your audience.

If you are concerned about consumer protection, you can start by looking at an LG Signature native advertising example. This mobile device features an innovative 65-inch OLED display. Its advanced technology combines self-lit pixels with independent dimming control for the ultimate viewing experience. The LG Signature OLED R also features a brushed aluminium casing, and a high-quality wool speaker cover from Swedish textile experts Kvadrat.

Michelin tire brand

A successful native advertising campaign should be effective in reaching a large audience and driving sales. The Michelin tire brand is one of the largest in the world, with production facilities in 18 countries and sales in more than 170 countries. The company has a strong brand name, diversified portfolio, over 110,000 employees, and strong R&D and financial positions. The company has a unique approach to advertising, utilizing pathos and logos to appeal to viewers. Using an infant in an ad is a particularly effective way to capture viewers’ emotional responses. While the tire itself is unaffected by the ad, the fact that a child is present in the ad assumes importance over the other items.

This native advertising campaign combines bold colors and capital letters to draw attention to the brand. It features a picture of a baby, with the eye-catching picture focused on the baby inside the tire. The brand name is prominently displayed in big letters, and the logo incorporates the company’s trademark mascot, Bibendum. The bibendum is the Michelin logo and has been in use for over 100 years.

Taco Bell

This taco chain recently used native advertising to launch its largest product launch in history. Taco Bell used an interactive portal that targeted Millennials, an audience with high attention spans that are particularly susceptible to ad content. While it didn’t quite reach the levels of success that Taco Bell was looking for, the taco chain did get some positive feedback from the general public and ad experts. This Taco Bell native advertising example shows that you don’t have to be an expert in marketing to make native advertising work.

One example of a successful native advertising campaign is a Snapchat lens that turned people into tacos. The lens was sponsored by the taco chain and received 224 million views in just one day. By using this taco-themed lens, the brand is able to interact with its Instagram followers, resulting in higher brand awareness. This type of advertising is interactive, and can be a great way to engage followers. The lens is labeled as a sponsored filter by Nickelodeon, which makes it look just like a natural filter.

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