If you are running an AdWords campaign, you may have heard of Search Network with Display Select. Although it is a relatively new feature, not every advertiser can use it, and there are some eligibility requirements. To see if you are eligible for Search Network with Display Select, click “+Campaign” in the Campaigns tab, and then select the Search Network from the drop-down menu. You should then be taken to the AdWords setup page.

AdWords campaign type

If you’re looking to expand your advertising efforts beyond Google’s search engine, consider using the Search Network with Display Select campaign type. This type of ad allows you to take advantage of the various placements and formats offered by the Display Network. It also allows for custom graphics, which are great for brand awareness campaigns. This campaign type is especially helpful for advertisers who run e-commerce stores. Read on for more information.

Targeting options

When setting up a campaign on the Search Network with Display Select, you have the option of dividing your budget between the two networks. Most of your budget will be spent on Search network ads. Your GDN ads will appear on websites based on relevance and conversion rates. There are two subtypes of this ad type, standard and all features. These ads differ primarily in format and targeting options. To maximize your return on investment, use both types of ad placements.


AdWords campaign types can increase your CTR with different advertising methods. Display ads are more likely to be seen if they are relevant to the user’s query and based on how relevant they are to the search term. Search Network with Display Select uses improved signals and sets a higher bar when showing ads. This results in your ads being shown to fewer prospective customers, but to those who are more likely to purchase your product. Initial tests indicate that CTR of search network with display select is up to 35% higher than standard ads.


Search Network with Display Select is a combination of two AdWords campaign types. It allows your ads to appear in search results as well as on relevant placements in the Display Network. The cost of search network with display select is similar to regular search campaigns. The difference is in the budget. With Search Network, Google will spend most of your budget on your Search Network ads, leaving the rest for Display Network ads. Display Network ads are displayed selectively based on relevance and conversion rate.


Retargeting with search network with display select combines two AdWords campaign types. It displays ads on relevant placements in both the Search Network and the Display Network. This type of advertising increases conversion rates by up to 15%. It can also generate traffic and impressions. To increase your ROI, choose a combination of both ad types. Listed below are some benefits of display select retargeting.

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