Using a Facebook ads reporting template is a great way to gather data about your campaign’s performance. These reports can be shared with your client as a live dashboard or scheduled to send out screenshots weekly, monthly, or daily. This makes it easy to see how your campaign is performing and can represent crucial marketing insights. Here are the benefits of using a Facebook ads reporting template. Read on to learn how you can use one to your advantage.


You can use the Supermetrics Facebook ads reporting template to easily analyze your social media advertising campaigns. It has a simple interface, and you can customize it with the help of the data studio. To use this template, you must connect your Supermetrics account to Google Data Studio and authenticate it with Facebook. Log in using your Supermetrics Google account, select at least one account, and select Use report template for new reports. If you don’t want to use this template, you can choose not to use it, or you can deselect it and create a new blank report.


A great way to get a comprehensive report of your Facebook Ads campaign is to use AdEspresso’s Facebook ads reporting template. This powerful tool lets you build custom PDF reports by selecting any Facebook campaign you want to report on. You can also select a particular tag and use the drag-and-drop option to add the data that you need. In addition to this, AdEspresso also automatically adds snapshots of each ad to each report.


Swydo’s AdRoll reporting template enables you to track KPIs and campaign goals over time. The system supports multiple channels and devices and offers pre-built KPIs and widgets such as impressions, conversions, and video views. Swydo is easy to use and is affordable, but some of its limitations may be a hindrance to your business. Here are a few of the downsides.

AdEspresso’s free template

As a business owner, you probably want to know how your Facebook advertisements are performing. While Facebook’s built-in tools, such as Ad Manager and the Power Editor, are excellent, many marketers prefer a third-party tool like AdEspresso. While these tools are highly sophisticated, you’ll need to know the proper setup to set up your Facebook ads for reporting in Wicked Reports.

Swydo’s paid template

Swydo’s paid Facebook ads report template is an excellent tool to use for tracking KPIs, business goals, and other marketing metrics. It comes with a KPI library and widgets, but there are limited connectors for larger marketing teams. The software is free for two weeks, then $75 a month for full access. You can also try out Swydo’s free trial to see if it’s right for you.

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