Geofencing marketing involves creating a virtual perimeter around your location. This perimeter is then targeted through an ad campaign. When a potential customer enters the area, they will see an advertisement, either a display ad or an in-app notification, on their smartphone. If they click the advertisement, they will be redirected to your business’ website or landing page. There are also ways to target customers with geofencing beyond traditional advertising, such as by email or SMS.

In addition to promoting your brand by targeting potential customers, geofencing advertising is effective for advertising at events. For example, a gym might use a geofence to send information about upcoming events to those who are nearby. A company could target a nearby park to send out information about special winter-specific packages, such as special discounts. Big brands are also using geofencing marketing as a way to boost brand awareness and increase revenue.

Because geofencing marketing uses location data and can be integrated into a variety of applications, it has enormous potential for businesses and consumers alike. Some of the possibilities include geofencing restaurant deals, home security systems, and automatic coffee pots. Mobile advertisements tied to a location are a great example of geofencing marketing at work, but there are many applications for the technology. If used wisely, geofencing marketing can transform your existing mobile applications into powerful marketing tools.

Geofencing marketing works by setting up a virtual boundary around a location, which can be an area, such as a street or a city. When a mobile device enters the geofenced area, it can track whether it is within that boundary or not and send notifications to the user’s device. Its success depends on the ability of your business to set up physical boundaries and use them for targeted advertising. If geofencing marketing is effective, you can even use it for advertising in physical locations.

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