While there are many DSPs available, some stand out above the rest. Centro’s Basis DSP has a strong focus on inventory discovery and contextual targeting. This DSP is also useful for predicting CPMs and impressions based on historical activity. Another indie DSP that excels in targeting and reporting is Get Intent. This service provides historical impression levels by URL, site, and unit type, along with keyword targeting and reporting by URL. Additionally, it offers the ability to blacklist keywords and phrases out of context.

MediaMath TerminalOne

As one of the first demand-side platforms, MediaMath TerminalOne is a global technology company that is transforming traditional marketing and driving transformative results for advertisers. Its TerminalOne software activates data, automates execution, and optimizes interactions across all addressable media to increase brand reach and influence. MediaMath prides itself on its brand safety and transparency. This DSP is highly customizable and has plenty of cross-channel ad formats. It also offers built-in proprietary anti-fraud mechanisms.

As a pioneer in the DSP space, MediaMath offers a comprehensive, open platform that enables marketers to control their unified marketing activities. With this solution, marketers can identify and measure significant marketing goals across all addressable media, such as search, display, and social. Moreover, it has a self-service portal that helps advertisers manage all aspects of their marketing campaigns. It also offers a full range of marketing tools to optimize ad campaigns and optimize results.


One of the best DSPs out there, SmartyAds allows you to create and manage campaigns across a variety of business verticals and advertising channels. Its powerful algorithms assess audience segments, control variables, and predict campaign outcomes. SmartyAds’ suite of modules and product extensions are data-driven and tech-centric, offering advertisers near 100% fill rates and the highest ROI possible.

The SmartyAds DSP is easy to use and features an extensive inventory. The SmartyAds platform also provides a variety of ad formats and campaign management tools, enabling you to increase your revenue without sacrificing quality. SmartyAds supports a wide range of advertising platforms, including desktop, mobile, in-app, and CTV. SmartyAds is an excellent choice for any marketer who wants to make their advertising reach as wide as possible.


The BidSwitch network is made up of two main parts: the DSP and the SSP. The DSP handles the bidding process while the SSP takes care of the media buying and selling. Together, they form the smart infrastructure that connects supply and demand platforms. Currently, over 180 SSPs and DSPs are connected to the BidSwitch network, which listens to 9.5 million QPS across all programmatic media formats.

The DSPs and SSPs use the BidSwitch platform to pass bid requests from advertisers to each other. The DSP selects the bid that is best based on the audience’s interests. The SSP then displays the digital advertising material based on the best bid. The DSPs and SSPs use temporary logs to track the bids. They do not retain any data about the advertisers, however. If advertisers choose, they can appoint third-party measurement partners.

Apple Music

If you’re a music lover, then you’ll want to try Apple’s new streaming service. The tech giant announced plans for students, families, and even a breakthrough playlist. It also has exclusive content, including podcasts, music videos, and radio stations. With over 72 million subscribers, it’s hard to go wrong with Apple Music. The best DSP for Apple Music is one of these.

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