The DoubleClick Bid Manager and Active View feature enable advertisers to optimize their ad campaigns with both Measurable and Viewable impressions. For more information, check out the articles below. The TalkTalk Telecom Group is a leading TV, broadband and mobile provider in the U.K. The TalkTalk Telecom Group decided to use programmatic buying for their digital advertising campaigns. They wanted to ensure that their ads were being seen by as many people as possible. Active View increased the number of viewable impressions by 94%, and their CTR improved by 133% and lowered their CPC by 40%.


Measuring active view is the process of determining how much of an ad is actually seen by viewers. Ads are generally measured by their percentage of viewability. A viewable ad area is defined as 50% of the ad space visible for at least one second. AdSense for content, video, and games are viewable ad units. However, dynamic allocation of ads in DFP Small Business is excluded from this calculation.

With Active View metrics, publishers can determine the percentage of ad impressions that are actually viewed by users. These metrics also show which publishers have the highest viewability rates. They allow publishers to see how effective their display ads are. Without viewability metrics, their Ads won’t be viewed, and they won’t generate reliable ad revenue. To get a more accurate Active View measurement, it’s important to improve the quality of your ads.

Measurable impressions

MRC measures the amount of money spent on advertising in different formats. Its metrics are applicable to video, display, rich media, and mobile web. For display and mobile web, it is called measurable impressions (MI). The ad unit served with Active View technology was considered measurable. In other words, it was able to measure how many of each type of impression was viewed by the user.

Active View is a technology used by YouTube, some Display Network sites, and mobile apps, and it has enabled Google to measure how many people view an ad. MRC has accredited Active View as a tool for measuring viewability. The tool provides information on viewable impressions for display and video ads. MRC also endorses the Active View data collection tool, which is free and transparent. It allows publishers to analyze the data and optimize their ad placements for higher revenue.

Viewable impressions

Generally, you should measure the number of viewable impressions of an ad campaign. You can easily do this by using the Google Ad Manager, or any other ad server. By tracking this data, you can better understand how your ad is performing. According to various studies, viewability is important for advertisers. For instance, the SSPs expect that global desktop ad viewability will be at least 70% by 2020, and the percentage will be even higher for mobile.

While there are different types of viewability metrics, viewable impressions are the most relevant and are the best way for advertisers to evaluate their campaigns. In other words, viewable impressions are those that show at least 50% of the ad’s pixels and have been displayed for more than a second. Active View has an easy-to-use interface and is accredited by the Media Rating Council. It is a free and transparent tool that helps you calculate the percentage of viewable impressions in your campaigns.

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