Google offers premium products to publishers that are challenging to access, configure, and optimize. These products include direct ad sales, bid settings, native ads, and programmatic ads. For many publishers, optimizing these accounts is a time-consuming process that makes it difficult to get the most out of the program. To avoid getting frustrated, consider one of these alternatives. These methods can help you boost revenue while maintaining control over your advertising spend.

DoubleClick for Publishers

Google recently introduced DoubleClick for Publishers and Google Ad Manager, two new ad exchange platforms that combine the best features of DoubleClick’s subsidiary services. Both are free services that offer many benefits to publishers. They are designed to help publishers maximize the amount of revenue they generate. DoubleClick for Publishers is also compatible with Google’s other ad exchange offerings, including Google Display Network and Google Search Ads.

After rebranding to Google Ad Manager in June 2018, DoubleClick for Publishers will no longer offer the DART ad server. Google will now offer a dashboard to manage ads and a new set of APIs to help publishers sell their ad inventory. It will also offer more features and better analytics, as well as the ability to serve ads across multiple platforms such as mobile games, apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, YouTube, and Apple News. In addition, publishers will have 30 new controls to help them manage the advertising revenue of their website.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a powerful new ad network that helps advertisers sell digital media. The platform supports a variety of different types of ad formats, including branded ads, anonymous ad units, private auctions, and more. The platform allows sellers of DoubleClick for Publishers’ platforms to take advantage of the dynamic integration with DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which ensures that their clients receive the highest quality impressions at the lowest cost. With DoubleClick, advertisers can also take advantage of the program’s flexibility, and can join the beta program to get access to the marketplace.

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange works by auctioning ad space, so that publishers and advertisers can bid on ads. It offers tools to manage campaigns and optimize bids, as well as inventory for mobile apps and multi-screen video. It is part of the DoubleClick Display Network, and allows advertisers to choose inventory through existing packages or submit proposals of their own. Publishers must accept your proposals in order for them to be served.

Google Ad Manager

If you are a content publisher, you’re probably aware of Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers, or DFP. DFP is Google’s hosted ad server that serves as a middleman between advertisers and publishers. Google Ad Manager gives publishers all the features of DFP in a single, easy-to-use interface. It allows publishers to sell, schedule, and deliver ad inventory for more revenue and more ad impressions.

DoubleClick for Publishers and Google Ad Manager are the two most popular ad management systems. They allow publishers to manage multiple networks and have great control over ad delivery. To get started, you’ll need to sign up for a GAM account, set your currency preferences, and set up your inventory structure. Once your inventory is set up, you can start tagging pages with Google Publisher Tags. This will automatically display ads to your audience based on their preferences.


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