As mobile usage grows, it is important for companies to use a mobile advertising company that can deliver targeted ads on a consumer’s mobile phone. Objectives for mobile advertising are varied and can range from new lead generation to customer retention through new offers and promotions. Other objectives for mobile advertising may be to provide detailed product information or relevant news to the consumer. Other activities that can be undertaken through mobile advertising include contests and quizzes. The marketer’s ultimate goal is to continuously engage with the consumer.


As one of the largest mobile ad networks, AdColony works with leading developers and publishers around the world to create highly customized ads. The company says that its innovative technology delivers creative ads across the globe, supports cross-platform monetization, and allows publishers to customize their display creatives. It also offers HD quality video ads. AdColony uses a CPM, CPC, and CPCV ad model, and follows a monthly payment cycle. AdColony accepts payment through PayPal and check.


Mobvista is a mobile advertising company that operates a global network of ad placements. The company is responsible for more than 10 billion daily impressions and integrates ads into websites. Its services have helped many mobile game developers in Southeast Asia, and its recent listing on the Chinese stock exchange was worth 6 billion yuan. NativeX is another advertising company owned by Mobvista, and it has a reach of 1 billion mobile users. It works with hundreds of top advertisers and thousands of publishers.


Amongst the top mobile advertising companies, MyAppFree specializes in mobile app marketing. The company’s data and technology powers its cross-device app marketing platform, which helps brands acquire new users at high speed. To help your brand make the most of mobile app advertising, MyAppFree creates a customized strategy that targets your target audience based on their interests and purchasing behavior. It also works directly with app developers to offer them exclusive deals.


For those interested in the world of mobile games, Chartboost is an advertising platform that can help game developers increase revenue and downloads. The company offers cross-promotion with other apps, and boasts of a client list that includes more than 90% of the top grossing mobile games. In addition to its ad ventures, Chartboost has a Direct Deals Marketplace where mobile game developers can connect to get free advertising and cross-promotion for their games.


Mobile advertising companies can offer many benefits to developers, and one of those is their ability to integrate their advertising into their mobile apps. AdMob is integrated into Google Analytics, so developers can access all the important metrics and segment their audiences. This helps developers to maximize ad revenue while boosting app conversions. In addition, the company offers several different ways to customize the ads and ad units. The following are some of the most important features of AdMob.


The world’s largest mobile ad network, Leadbolt delivers over 10 billion mobile ads each month to more than 65,000 developers in 165 countries. With a 100% transparency policy, Leadbolt allows users to see exactly what their advertising partners are offering before signing up for a partnership. Leadbolt’s technology has won numerous awards and the company was recently named one of the “Most Innovative Companies” of 2017.

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