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One of the biggest distractions to a blogger is managing the blog ads. It can feel like hiring a part-time advertising manager to oversee your earnings. The ads pull you away from the content that you want to write and provide value to your readers. To optimize your earnings, you should test and manage your ads. Besides, you need to provide great content for your readers. You should not let your blog ads get in the way of your content creation.

Native ads

You can earn more money by integrating native ads on your blog than by promoting affiliate products. These ads can be used to promote affiliate products, CPA offers, and other related services. Some networks allow advertisers to place ads on their site that are obvious scams, so be careful. If you are promoting health products, make sure to include certification information from the FDA. Some native ad networks do not allow advertisements on obvious scams.

Contextual link units

If you are wondering how to get contextual link units on your blog, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. First of all, contextual links should link to authoritative, relevant websites. This will alert Google that your website is a quality resource. Next, contextual links improve your website’s usability and entice readers to click them. Lastly, remember to use relevant anchor text. It is not enough to include a link in a post. Make sure it is a relevant one that has been added with care.

Affiliate marketing

If you’ve ever been interested in earning extra money from your blog, you’ve probably heard about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your income without having to sell your own products. It works by placing a code on the visitor’s computer for a period of time, usually several days to months, that gives credit for purchases made during that time. Affiliate products don’t need to be in your niche to be successful, and the more time you spend talking about them on your blog, the more money you’ll earn.

Fixed-rate advertising

While blogging is a great way to earn money, selling advertising space on your blog can be a risky venture. Not only will you be paying the same amount every month regardless of whether the ads perform well, but you’ll also be limiting your earnings, as advertisers will likely not buy your space if the results don’t meet their expectations. This method is often most effective when your blog is popular, and your readers are looking for valuable information.

Text link units

AdSense has a new feature called “responsive” link units that allows publishers to change the way their ads display on their site. These units can be displayed anywhere on your website, and are particularly useful if you want to fill up empty space. These units display three or four text links with a highlighted “ads by Google” flag. Because they’re responsive, you can easily change their settings without editing your site template.

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