If you’ve ever had the opportunity to buy ad space, radio or TV advertising space for cheap, you’ve probably noticed a surprisingly high number of unsold ads. But how do you find remnant inventory? Read on to learn how to maximize the profit potential of your remnant inventory. After all, remnant inventory is a goldmine for many advertising agencies. But how do you know if it’s a good investment? How do you determine the value of remnant inventory?

Unsold ad space

Remainder ad space is the unsold advertising space that has not been sold. In some industries, remnant inventory is known as last minute advertising. Few operators, however, admit to their possession of remnant inventory. Outdoor advertising has a unique advantage over other forms of advertising, as remnant space presents an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness during times of softness in the advertising industry. Remainder inventory is an incredible value for your brand’s outdoor advertising budget.

Unsold radio ad space

Radio ad space can be quite expensive, but if you buy remnant radio advertising inventory, you can save a lot of money. Radio stations have a limited amount of inventory, so you can often purchase radio ad space at 25% to 75% off its rate card. Depending on your needs, you can purchase radio advertising direct from a radio station, through a broker, or even through a marketing service.

Unsold TV ad space

If your budget is limited, it may be advantageous to consider purchasing remnant TV ad space. Unsold TV ad space is often available at up to 90% off of retail rates. Because these spaces are preemptable, you must act quickly to determine whether remnants fit your budget and creative requirements. To secure remnant inventory, the media publisher will need to be aware of your plan ahead of time. To ensure a higher clearance rate and better spot placement, prepare your creative well in advance.

Unsold display ad space

If your website is able to obtain unsold display ad space through remnant advertising, you can maximize your revenue by choosing a preferred deal. This option allows you to purchase the ad space in remnant inventory at a fixed price instead of being bid on in real-time. When you choose this option, you are more likely to get higher prices than you would if you were to bid on the same space in real-time. As a result, you’ll have a greater chance of getting the highest yield from remnant inventory.

Unsold video ad space

In addition to direct ads, publishers can sell unsold video ad space by offering it as remnant inventory. This way, the publisher can boost their total ad revenue by selling extra impressions. The only downside to doing this is that remnant inventory is not necessarily better than other available ad space. Some publishers will even sell affiliate marketing banners on unsold inventory. So how do these advertisers benefit from this?

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