To make your marketing strategy work, you need to partner with a savvy mobile advertising company. To find the right partner, consider factors such as technology, experience, and customer service. This way, your company can increase sales while keeping a competitive edge in an industry where customers are increasingly using mobile devices to find information. There are several companies to choose from, and selecting the right one can help your brand reach its potential. Here are some tips for selecting a mobile advertising company:


Smaato is a digital advertising platform for mobile publishers and developers. Founded in 2005, Smaato provides supply-side platform for managing ad inventory and ad exchange for managing multiple ad networks. The company has raised $47 million to date, and says its publisher base has grown from 11,686 to 78,000 since its last funding round. Its platform is designed to optimize traffic to get the highest eCPM.

App Annie

The mobile advertising industry has been dominated by ad-tech giants for years, and App Annie is no exception. As one of the largest and most trusted mobile data platforms, App Annie helps brands and publishers build winning mobile experiences and achieve excellence. Founded in 2010, the company launched its first market data solution in 2010, and recently acquired Libring, a platform for advertising monetization and spend. App Annie’s headquarters is in San Francisco, and the company has 12 offices around the world.


Leadbolt is a mobile advertising company that helps marketers reach millions of consumers worldwide by delivering relevant, high-quality ads to their users. Their proprietary Publisher SDK and distribution network connect advertisers to thousands of direct mobile app publishers. Leadbolt maintains a high-quality source network in each territory. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Leadbolt has also tripled its local presence in India and continues to grow its team in important markets.


Thumbvista is a global mobile marketing platform specializing in location-based mobile content development and location-based messaging applications. Thumbvista’s tools help companies increase brand awareness, boost sales, and recruit top talent. Using location-based geo-targeting, contextual, and behavioral targeting, Thumbvista helps businesses meet their marketing goals. The company works with the top mobile banner ad publishers to get your messages in front of customers.


OpenX powers highly relevant advertising at scale for advertisers, publishers, and brands. Their technology aggregates and values consumer interest in real time to deliver the most relevant ads to the right audience. OpenX is a mobile advertising company with a global network of publishers. This network allows users to buy and sell ads on the same mobile app without ever leaving their home. The company also offers a range of lightweight solutions that are optimized for mobile environments.

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