There are various types of local network scanner. For example, a Bonjour scanner or a Port Scanning tool will detect networks and ports on a device. The resulting information is presented in a simple, yet detailed, user interface. MAC addresses, common port addresses and bonjour services can be scanned with dictionary lookups. Using a local network scanner is a great way to get a complete understanding of your network services.


The arpscan command is a network scanner that sends ARP packets to local hosts. It then displays their responses. It can scan network interfaces attached to a certain interface, either via its IP address or by its netmask. It also supports network specifications. To use arp-scan, you need to have root access and the SUID root privilege. After executing this command, you can use the output of arp-scan to troubleshoot network problems.

Arpscan has several useful features that make it an indispensable tool in your network security arsenal. It can quickly identify IP addresses to MAC addresses and also isolate devices by NIC vendor. You can learn how to use arp-scan by taking a free online course. This free course will teach you the foundational information you need to know about network scanning and the commands required. Then, you can use the program to start scanning the network and gather data for your business.

Ping sweep

Port mapping is a useful addition to a Ping sweep tool. It works by mapping the ONC RPC number to a specific port on the network, allowing it to receive and send data from the ports it maps. You can save the results of this process as a Python list. The results of the ping sweep can be used to help identify issues with the local network or to create an attack plan. However, port mapping is not necessary for the majority of attacks.

A Ping sweep with a local network scanner can be a useful way to discover unexpected IP addresses on a network. The application allows you to select a range of IP addresses and hit the start button. The scan process then runs in the background and updates its available IP pool. You can even export the results to text files or IP-Port, allowing you to export them to a spreadsheet program. Ping sweeps are not an exhaustive list of IP addresses, but they can be useful for identifying unused IP addresses and determining whether they are valid.

SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset

Among the many useful features of the SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolsee is a local network scanner. It enables network administrators to check if a device or IP address is infected by malware, spyware, or virus infection. This network scanning tool is especially useful for analyzing wireless networks, LAN switches, and DHCP servers. SolarWinds IP Address Manager automates many processes, including network scanning, DHCP and DNS management, which are crucial for networking.

The tool’s advanced port checkers and IP traffic adjustments give users a better understanding of how their network is configured. The program uses adaptive timing and threading to analyze IP traffic and SNMP queries. The Engineer’s Toolset features a database of supported SNMP objects, including MAC address discovery and SNMP queries. Additionally, this network scanner is capable of saving and recalling scan configurations.

ManageEngine OpUtils

The OpUtils software detects unauthorized network access by performing periodic scans of the network resources. It is capable of detecting wireless and wired rogue systems and devices. OpUtils also recognizes transient devices, which are connected to a specific IP address for a certain duration. In addition, it supports the IPAM module to manage IP address details. If you want to scan your network in a more advanced way, the IPAM module is also available.

The IP scanning functionality offered by OpUtils is quite advanced. It lets you track the availability and status of various IP addresses. Moreover, you can also track IP address rogues. With OpUtils, you can manage a diverse range of network resources effectively. You can also automate mundane tasks with the help of proactive alerts, in-depth reporting, and end-to-end switch port mapping. OpUtils has a free 30-day trial that lets you try its features for 30 days.

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