If you are struggling to come up with ideas for a blog, you should consider a micro niche. You can sell a product or write about the hobby you’re passionate about. Micro blogs do well on Pinterest. They have a low barrier of entry, and have high traffic numbers, but they are lower-volume than other niches like personal finance. Some of the more interesting micro blogging niche ideas include woodworking, refurbishing old furniture, resin art, watercolor, or oil painting. A blogging niche that has been around for quite some time is health and wellness.

Top 15 profitable blogging niches in 2022

As blogging continues to grow and evolve, there are still plenty of profitable niches to pursue. In addition to becoming a billion-dollar industry, blogging is also an excellent stand-alone business or part of a larger digital marketing campaign. Blogging is an inbound marketing tool that provides you with a limitless audience, making it an excellent choice for anyone interested in monetizing their online presence. Blogging can be extremely beneficial for both aspiring entrepreneurs and large businesses. However, there are some tips that should be followed for blogging success.

Health and wellbeing

Whether you have knowledge and experience about a particular topic or want to earn from your blog, health and wellbeing blogging is a niche you can excel at. The writing style that works best for your blog will depend on your content and purpose. There are many ways to write a health and wellbeing blog – you can create a journal, an advice blog, or a combination of the two. Whatever your choice, health and wellbeing blogging can be rewarding.


If you are passionate about education, then you have probably considered a blogging career. The vast majority of teachers and parents share their thoughts and ideas about education. Education bloggers often write about topics related to politics. They also use blogs to share news with their students and parents. They can also discuss pedagogy and other subjects that affect the education system. Writing about education can provide many benefits, including building your reputation as an expert. By choosing an education niche for your blog, you can write about topics that are important to your readers.

Bullet journaling

The advantages of bullet journaling are numerous, and the benefits of using it in the blogging niche are countless. For instance, you can organize your writing into collections, and use the same system to organize your writing. For example, you can create an index of your daily log so that you can quickly locate items from a specific day. It is also possible to use the same system to organize your entire blogging niche, from guest posts to articles.


One of the most popular blogging niches today is baking. The popularity of baking is increasing each day, and with that comes an ever-increasing demand for recipes. Whether you are an amateur baker, or a professional pastry chef, your blog can provide both a niche for yourself and a steady income. Here are some blogging niche ideas that will make your blog a hit:


If you love drinking wine and blogging about it, you might be interested in the wine blogging niche. Wine is an industry that’s large and varied, and you’ll never run out of topics for your blog. Wine blogs can range from personal experiences with different wines to reviews of the latest vintages. You can write about anything from the newest vintages to what goes into winemaking. The wine blogging niche has something for everyone, from self-taught aficionados to people who work in family wineries. You can get a comprehensive list of bloggers on the Wine Bloggers Conference.

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