Real-time bidding is the process by which advertisers bid for impressions that meet the set criteria. Real-time bidding allows advertisers to buy traffic based on the parameters they set, which improves targeting and decreases the amount of ineffective displays. In addition to improving targeting, real-time bidding protects advertisers from the cost of untargeted traffic. The process of bidding helps both advertisers and publishers achieve the best possible return on investment.

Real-time bidding

RTB ad networks let advertisers choose their price per impression. They can bid up to one cent, and can then review their campaign’s effectiveness through reporting from their DSP. It also allows marketers to monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns and pivot as necessary. RTB ad networks have automated systems, which eliminate the need for a vendor or other human interaction. Publishers can now observe which content and ad inventories are most profitable and sell them directly to advertisers. Ultimately, this is a win-win situation for publishers and readers alike.

Ad exchanges

Real-time bidding (RTB) ad networks allow multiple advertisers to compete for one impression of a publisher’s inventory. The ad with the highest bid wins. The flexibility of RTB enables advertisers to target their ads to specific audiences. In addition, RTB enables advertisers to fine-tune their targeting, focusing on inventory that is relevant to their product or service. Because of this, they can earn higher eCPMs and ROIs. Real-time bidding also allows advertisers to make real-time adjustments to their campaign budgets and target audiences.


RTB ad networks enable publishers to monetize their inventory with the help of auctions. In addition to auctions, publishers can also use header bidding to sell their inventory to advertisers. The auction process is very fast, averaging less than ten milliseconds per bid. Publishers can benefit from this by improving their campaign matching and CPMs. For more information on RTB, read on.


Real-time bidding (RTB) is the process by which multiple advertisers compete for an impression in publisher inventory. The ad that receives the highest bid wins the impression. This process is useful for advertisers because it allows them to fine-tune their campaign targeting, focusing only on relevant inventory. It can also help them achieve better eCPMs and ROI. Advertisers can also adjust their budget in real time, allowing them to make adjustments as necessary to maximize the returns on their advertising campaigns.


Using real-time bidding (RTB) technology to purchase advertising space is a great way to target your audience more accurately. This algorithm allows you to spend ad dollars on high-value impressions instead of wasting it on irrelevant traffic. Traditional marketing campaigns often reach only a small portion of the target audience, and end up wasting money on irrelevant traffic. RTB ad networks eliminate this manual labor. Besides, where your ads appear on the internet is as important as who sees them.


There are many ways to use RTB ad networks, but one of the most popular is via a service called a SSP. These services are able to serve advertising across multiple sites and can be used by both advertisers and publishers. In order to maximize ROI, DSPs sort advertising audience data by gender, age, and location. They can also customize reporting data to provide valuable information to advertisers and publishers.

Getting started

When using a real-time bidding ad network, you can control your campaign budget. The real-time bidding algorithm allows you to spend ad dollars on high-value impressions. Most marketing campaigns reach only a fraction of their target audience and waste money on non-target users. But RTB takes the manual work out of the online advertising process. After all, where your ads appear is just as important as who sees them!

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