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If you are looking to add ad functionality to your WordPress website, you should consider installing one of the best ads plugins available. There are a number of options to choose from, including AdCenter, AdSanity, In-Post and Rotate. Read on to learn more about these WordPress plugins and which one will suit your needs best. Once you have installed your ads plugin, you can use the tools to manage your advertising.


AdSanity is a great plugin that makes advertising on your WordPress site easy. It offers multiple publishing options, including infinite ads and date-based ads. It displays ads in widgetized areas, pages, posts with shortcodes, and template tags. The interface is clean and straightforward and doesn’t include bloated features you won’t use. AdSanity also offers support, so if you have any problems, you can simply contact the developer.


If you want to display ads on your WordPress site, then AdRotate is the best plugin for you. You can create and schedule ads to appear in your sidebar, footer, or content. You can use a standard or custom ad size, and you can even use responsive ads. With AdRotate, you don’t need to know HTML or CSS to create ads, and you can schedule them to appear on certain dates.


WP AdCenter is a comprehensive ad management plugin. With tons of customization options, it’s easy to manage your ad campaigns. Moreover, it comes with an automatic sign-up process for advertisers and detailed statistics. If you’re a beginner, AdSense for WordPress is an excellent choice. Simply navigate to the widget page, select the type of ad you want, and drag and drop the module to the desired location. Once you’ve set up your ads, the plugin will automatically display them on your website. This plugin is SEO friendly and supports video ads, and can be integrated with any WordPress theme.

In-Post Ads

Advanced Ads Pro is a great plugin to add in-post ads to your WordPress site. This plugin supports both external and locally hosted ads, and it allows you to choose where the ads will show up within your posts. You can choose whether to display ads in content areas or widgets. Advanced Ads Pro lets you customize the appearance of your ads with CSS styles. You can also exclude certain posts and pages from showing ads.

Corner Ad

If you want to place ads in the corners of your WordPress site, you can do so using a plugin like Corner Ads. This plugin allows you to easily create ad templates that will fit in the corners of your page or post, without taking up too much space. The plugin allows you to use over 24 different background patterns and six different ad types. It even has over 75 different animation options. You can easily track how many people have clicked on your ads and how much money you’ve earned with them.


If you’re looking for an ads plugin for WordPress, you’ve come to the right place. There are a ton of choices to choose from. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options. AdPress: This plugin offers unlimited ad placement, popups, and a lot more. Ads are presented seamlessly in the sidebar or on your homepage. And, you can use various ad formats to increase your conversions.

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