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Wayne and I appreciate you joining the Ad Display Network Team and we look forward to hearing your success with this platform... 

Damon Nelson

Today you should receive in your email:

Account welcome email
If you DON'T have an account with - you should get an Email from Kajabi with access to
- The ADN Training
If you DO have an account with
Just log into and there will be 2 NEW products in your library:
- The ADN Training

You are also invited to join our Private Facebook Group at:

Within 7 to 10 days

We will send you an onboarding package via email to the ADN Publisher/Advertiser!
You will need to complete the business details of your account once you log into the platform.

We should also have most of the training ready for your to watch

The PAID Advertising platform will open within the next 10 days

Prior to this, Ads will not be charged and publishers will not make any income.
We are doing this so everyone gets a chance at placing ads without costing any money
We also are doing this to allow you enough time to get your ad zone codes installed in your publisher sites 

We thank you for your participation and look forward to helping you get a HUGE jump start to your successful publishing / advertising business. 


Damon Nelson and Wayne Atkinson

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